Airplane Crashes

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Airplane Crashes

There are many airplane accidents a year. On an average, 70 –80% are human error. Though there are many other factors, such as design factors, management, and weather factors, human error is the largest. Each one of these factors played a certain role in the three articles of accidents. The BOAC Comet, the PSA crashes in San Diego, and the Air Florida crash in Washington D.C., were analyzed differently, taking into consideration each possible factor. Within the follow, each accident will be discussed.


The cause in every accident of the BOAC Comet was a design factor. The pressurization limitations were determined wrongly. In the mid air collision in San Diego, the cause was human error of the Cessna pilot for changing headings, the Boeing for not being sure of having the right traffic insight, and the tower for not warning the aircrafts they were very close together when his warning went off. Finally, the Air Florida crash, investigators took into consideration the factors of the weather, engine performance, and pilot error.

Principle Mishaps / Human Factors

The Comet DH-106 was the first jetliner to carry passengers. The person to give credit for this accomplishment would be de Havilland. The DH-106 carried thirty-six passengers, had a pressurized cabin, a ceiling of 40,000ft, and traveled 500mph. According to the investigation of the BOAC Comet, the reason the comets were exploding, was because of the pressurization within the cabin. There was no real sufficient information prior to the flights that indicated there was a problem. At first, the pilots of the comet does not know that in roll out, they need to use a lesser angle of attack and keep the nose on the ground longer. ...

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...g its assigned heading from the tower (Liveware).



The engine performance of the aircraft (Hardware) due to the weather (Environment).


The captain being impatient and not getting de-iced (Liveware) and the first officer not speaking up (Liveware).


All accidents have many factors leading up to the event. In these three accidents, Human error was the biggest factor. With the comet, it was the human error of the engineers/manufactures stating falsely that the structure could withstand a certain amount of stress and pressure. In San Diego, ATC and both pilots contributed to the mid-air collision. This was a lack of communication. Finally, with Air Florida, the captain’s attitude, lack of knowledge, and insufficiency with the checklist got them in trouble.


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