Advantages Of Electronic Voting

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This paper is a short theoretical approach of electronic voting. It explains types of electronic voting such as online and offline electronic voting that are used nowadays and procedures followed by the voters in this process. By explaining step by step the process of the electronic voting, this paper aims to poin out how secure is electronic voting. What are the advantages of electronic voting and why should we use it ? I. Introduction Electronic voting system is that kind of system in which all the election data is stored elecronically. It gives to voters an opportunity to record their votes in a secured method. The usage of this system is increasing day by day in different countries. The importance of election process brings many aspects that have to be taken into consideration such as : authentication of voters, security of data, security of voting process ect. There are two types of electronic voting systems which are used nowadays: 1. On-line electronic voting system. 2. Offline elecrtonic voting system. In both cases security of the process stands in the first plan of the electronic voting system designers. “ There is no measurement for acceptable security level, because the level depends on type of the information. An acceptable security level is always a compromise between usability and strength of security method”.(IJARCET, March 2013). II. On-line electronic voting. On-line electronic voting process beguns with the registration of voter iformation in databases such as voter ID which is an unique 11 digit number, gender, name, age, district and password (one time password). For a voter, to be allowed in polling section, two conditions are needed to be completed: 1. When a poll worker confirms that the vo... ... middle of paper ... ...rch 2013). IV. Why electronic voting ? E-voting may provide many benefits to democratic societies. • It decreases the amount of money spent in voting process becouse of the elemination of funds assigned for election staff. • It may increase elections turnouts. • Afford convenience to the voters. V. Conclusion. As we mentioned before in this paper, electronic voting is a new way of voting, which brings many benefits to democratic sicieties. This procces exists in two ways: online and offline. In both cases election data are stored elecronically. With all the advantages that this way of voting offers, it still has many problems. The most importent problem that challenges this process is its security. Security of data, privacy of the voters and the accuracy of the vote are main aspects that have to be taken into consideration while building secure e-voting system.
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