Advantages And Disadvantages Of Composites

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Who would have ever imagined that one day composites would be widely used? Who even know what composites are? Looking at past memories, metals were the main materials used to construct structures and many other things. This is because they are strong and can provide good resistivity. But in the other hands, metals though have really good properties, also come along with some bad ones. Most metals used are of high densities and heavy. So their application in some places is limited and also they are costly. Due to these problems new materials had to be looked for, materials that can show strong vitality, high tensile strength as metals, high volume, good stiffness, materials which can show resistance to corrosion and fatigue, materials which have excellent damping properties and finally an excellent overall curing forming process.

Composite materials came out after quite much of research. They satisfy all the above characteristics while being cheaper than metals. They are also suitable for making constructions with complex-oriented components of manufacturing, at the same time showing out structural stealth and some other useful features. Nowadays there are even advanced composite materials which come with more improved characteristics. These advanced composites are highly used in the aerospace industries for a wide range of applications, and has been alloyed with aluminum, titanium and other materials to obtain better materials. In the area of aviation, composite Technology significantly reduces the weight of the aircraft, which greatly improves its flight performance and is also more economical in nature as less weight implies that less fuel is being utilized.

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...or analyzing and predictions. Cumulative damage analysis method includes key technologies in three areas, namely stress analysis of finite element modeling, failure to establish criteria for determining damage accumulation and material properties of degradation. These three aspects of the technology have a great influence on the result of cumulative damage analysis and the use of reasonable approach is crucial in the calculation. Stress is an important part of cumulative damage analysis method, and a reasonably accurate finite element modeling is drawn on the basis of the results of stress analysis. For different composite structures we have to connect different loads, boundary conditions sequence and ply angle, geometry, preload, etc., so how to establish a reasonable finite element model has become an important issue connecting composites to different conditions.

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