Adam Smith: A Brilliant Thinker from the Enlightenment

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The Enlightenment was during the eighteenth century, it had brought new ways of philosophy and new ways of thinking. The big idea of the enlightenment was taking old ideals and seeing how they can be improved and altered. Everything that was proved or discovered had to come through some sort of reason, either from experimentation or practical practice. The enlightenment had included many brilliant thinkers, in which one of them is Adam Smith. Adam Smith is considered the father of the science of political economy, he had thought up the idea of capitalism which had included the invisible hand theory, the idea of self-interest and laissez-faire, which states that businesses are free to act however they want with minimal government interference. Capitalism means running an economy filled with private owners in which their only goal is to create some sort of profit from the goods they make. Whatever Adam Smith finds out about capitalism would help create the foundation of the economy of the United States government. Through his childhood Adam Smith had many experiences, such as observing the docks, studying hard and reading books. Adam Smith is considered an enlightenment thinker because of the influence of his childhood on his thinkings, of his ability to show rationalism and empiricism and how he disagreed and agreed with many enlightenment thinkers.
Adam Smith was born on June 5, 1723 in a small town in Scotland called Kirkcaldy. Kirkcaldy was a seaport town so a lot of trading had happened around Smith. Being near a seaport would greatly affect his economic views of trading. Since his father died, Smith and his mother lived in the lowlands of the seaport, therefore they ate so little. Like most lowlanders, Smith and his fam...

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...ed and both used to center their ideas. Like Smith, Francios Quesnay was considered to show Rationalism and Empiricism. At the same time Francios Quesnay had disagreed with Smith. Quesnay was all about Mercantilism and against Capitalistic ideals. Someone who had become a close friend of Smith and is also considered an enlightenment thinker is David Hume. Smith had met Hume in Edinburgh, they had many things in common and because of this Smith says that he was influenced by Hume’s ideals. So the interaction with Hume had helped Smith a lot.
Adam Smith is considered an enlightenment thinker because of how he thinks rationally, how he shows empiricism, and how uses logic and reasoning to explain his theories. Smith was considered the father of modern economics and without him thinking about all these ideals the people would never have the government they have today.

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