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1. Why are you interested in a medical (dental, veterinary) career? I am interested in a career in the medical field because it would allow me to serve the community in a manner that would benefit the people, my family, and myself. Throughout the entirety of my life, I have been a part of what I can best describe as a community-wide circle of giving. My family and myself receive assistance from the community and we give back by donating our extra food and clothes. Another way I like to give back is by donating my time to help the community by volunteering. Indeed, as a member of the Honors College, the motto by which we pursue our college careers truly plays a large part in my life- “To Be Honorable Is to Serve”. Thus, by obtaining a career in the medical field, I hope to continue this circle of giving, and hopefully improve it in some way as my career progresses. 2. Have you had any experience(s), direct or indirect, that relate(s) to this interest? If so, describe them. I began my journey into the medical field this summer by volunteering, and becoming a member at two different EMS provider …show more content…

Of what accomplishment(s) are you most proud of? Why? Of all the accomplishments I have ever completed, the few that stand out above the rest happen to be my more recent accomplishments. These accomplishments far outweigh the time I received the student of the month award back in the Seventh grade. They play a significant role in my life, and, although cliché, they make me the person I am now. The first accomplishment I am most proud of is my acceptance into the Honors College of West Chester University. I could hardly contain my excitement when on a normal Saturday morning I received a call from Dr. Kevin Dean notifying me of my acceptance into the Honors College Program. On that day I became part of a small group of students who stood out above the rest of the incoming freshman class. From then on it would be my duty to bring pride to the University I solemnly

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