Abuse Of Power In Macbeth

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The tragedy of Macbeth has existed for over 500 years, yet the themes and ideas are still relevant to modern day society.
The overall theme of which should be noted in this play is; extreme power is devastating to those concerned. What is observed throughout the tragedy is that Macbeth faces an array of problems stemming from the gain of power getting to his head. Starting from the moment he encounters the three witches who give him and Banquo predictions of the future, it fuels the fire of ambition for power through violence. The thought of power provoked Macbeth to kill King Duncan, Banquo and Macduff’s family. This all consequently made himself and his wife go crazy.

Macbeth killed the King listening to the witches’ prophecies and following Lady Macbeth’s suggestions. The idea of control from a high position such as King. As well as advancement from a mere nobleman enlightened his senses. As a consequence of murdering his own King, from someone who was initially perceived as a good person it drove him and his wife anxious. A psychological toll and feeling of regret was left on the couple after concluding that murdering the King would be a good idea. Although this …show more content…

Abusing that same power to kill any threats to keep the power, it shows how hungry for authority and greedy he was. It is notable that Macbeth was paranoid of losing that new gain control, thus causing him to eliminate all risks to his throne. He was easily influenced by the predictions of the witches from the beginning, and also disciplined to listen to his wife of dominating characteristics. It can be concluded that Macbeth was just an innocent being with aspirations of advancements, although when opportunity arose to take the position of an ultimate title, all would be worth fighting for. From there, it would be difficult to cease the abuse of authority and it was left continued until Macbeth could run no

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