A Woman's Journey

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A Woman's Journey

The "old" definition for feminism was defined as working towards an

overall goal as a group, to achieve economic and political power.

Today, this new definition no longer holds true, because many women

are misrepresented and confused by many new definitions of feminism.

This confusion has created women's ability to take matters into her

own hands, and follow her own goals and inspirations-whatever they may


The first wave of the women's movement started when Abigail Adams

wrote her husband, John, to ask him to "remember the ladies" when

writing the Declaration of Independence. In fact, the writers did

include women's rights, but they took it out in the final draft. This

single incident could have changed history for women, but instead, it

was over 144 years before suffrage for women was granted. As a result

of their oppression, women were compelled to join together, as a

group, and spend many years fighting for their own "natural- born"


After the first wave, a new wave of women's movements emerged during

the 1960's. Women's rebellion against the middle-class housewife's

role contributed to this second wave of women's movements. It began

with women's examination of their personal lives and developed into a

program for economic and political change. Women's groups discovered

discrimination in the workplace, where women received less pay and

fewer promotions than men did. They also uncovered barriers to women

seeking political office and to female students striving for high

academic achievement.

So, the women of America banned together to achieve their political


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