A View From The Bridge by J.B. Priestley

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A View From The Bridge by J.B. Priestley "Eddie is doing the best for his family: he is attempting to install positive values and support Catherine in her life. He is merely misunderstood" The reference above about Eddie Carbone is correct; but to a certain point, meaning it is not correct altogether, because it could be (successfully) argued that it isn't true. To verify that the above quotation is true, we need to study the character of Eddie Carbone, to see whether he is doing the best for his family, rather than for himself. It is also essential to examine whether he is attempting to install values and support Catherine for her future life or is he just doing what he does for his own individual self. After exploring Eddie's character further, it will become clearer to us what Eddie's motives are. It is important to see how Eddie behaves in different situations, and how he handles them; and depending on how people act towards him and whether they provoke him to behave in the manner that he does. One of the main points of subject in 'A View from the Bridge' is Eddie's masculinity. It is evidently seen that Eddie's masculinity is very important to him. He has many views of how a man should perform; it seems that if any men perform differently from him he dislikes them. The fact that he comes from a Sicilian background is a further reason for the account of masculinity he presents in 'A View From The Bridge'. As Eddie comes from a Sicilian background, he believes that the man should be the leader of the household and rule over women. He has an idea in his intellect that there is a way to be Italian looking and a way to b... ... middle of paper ... ... her life, he wouldn't do things like kiss her on the mouth or try to set up barriers between her and her man just because Eddie dislikes him. It can be said that he is not doing the best for his family in any case seeing that he is too concerned about his respect from the neighbourhood and his rank in the household that he doesn't identify what he is doing to his family and the way in which he is hurting them. The words that match Eddie Carbone adequately are selfish, ignorant and self-centred, this is because in 'A View From The Bridge' all he too concerned about himself and anything he does is for his gain and no one else's. From all of the preceeding points I have put forward in this essay, it can be clearly understood that Eddie is not doing the best for his family at all and he is without doubt not misunderstood.

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