A Street Car Named Desire

Too often people would rather hide a problem and pretend it does not exist rather than take responsibility and deal with it. In Tennessee Williams’ play A Streetcar Named Desire the Kowalskis see Blanche Dubois as a problem and have her sent to an insane asylum. It is true that Blanche had many issues but the reason behind her incarceration was not to benefit her mental state but to project someone else’s dirty secret. While others may justify the actions of Blanche’s sister and brother-in-law, they are weaker than Blanche for refusing to deal with reality. Take a look into the life of Blanche Dubois and it will be evident that an insane asylum was the wrong place for her. From the loss of her loved ones and childhood home, to her career as a prostitute, and ending with her rape, there is no denying that Blanche Dubois just needed love and support from her family.
Tragic events have a huge effect on a person’s metal state and Blanche Dubois’ life was full of tragedy. She had gone through a painful life at a young age; starting with the unforeseen affair that her husband had with another man and his suicide immediately after it was revealed. Loss is already tough to deal with but suicide the widow is left with feelings of stigma and guilt. (, Univ. of Michigan) While still grieving the death of her husband, Blanche lost a majority of her family and their residence. She was left to deal with death and destruction on her own. The emotional effect of suicide mixed with immense grief can overpower a person making them turn to alcohol to cope with the pain. Alcohol is a depressant the can control one’s thoughts and actions; the more you consume the greater anxiety and depression you feel. According to Depress...

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...ene 11, pg 144) While Blanche is characterize as the weak sister, Stella displayed much more cowardly actions. Her absence in sister’s tough times and her inability to do the right thing in the end is the ultimate cause of Blanche’s incarceration.
Tennessee Williams’ play A Streetcar Named Desire delves in the life of Blanche Dubois; a life put on hold when she gets sent to an insane asylum. At the young age of 30, she had experienced tremendous loss, undesirable jobs, and sexual assault. While these are rough things to deal with, her incarceration was not intended to help her deal with her problem, but rather hide a problem. A helping hand goes a long way, a hand that Stella never offered her sister. If the Kowalskis, (Stella more than Stanley) accepted reality for what it is instead of trying to morph it to fit into their world Blanche’s life would be different.
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