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A deer in headlights is petrified of the vehicle coming toward it, Eckels realized this fear when a Tyrannosaurus rex stands but one hundred yards away from him in Ray Bradbury’s A Sound of Thunder. This short story was one of many of Bradbury’s successful tales, made popular by his vivid descriptive capabilities influencing the setting in his stories. In this story particularly he demonstrates his abilities of creating a great settings as he takes the reader on a journey back in time with three hunters, including the main character “Eckles”, accompanied by a guide to hunt a Tyrannosaurus rex. The purpose of setting is to let the reader know where and when the story is taking place and under what circumstances. Setting can be used to influence the story in many ways and often times will have a rippling effect on many other literary elements such as plot, character development, and theme. Bradbury emphasizes the setting of the story by use of figurative language and imagery; a close look at many of the details in A Sound of Thunder reveals how setting can be…show more content…
Bradbury incorporates several literary devices such as imagery, onomatopoeias, etc. Using these devices lets him maximize the effect of the setting in the story. It is known that Bradbury lived on a farm in Illinois, which could be why his imagination and descriptions are so detailed. Although setting is a very important part of literature any story, novel or short, needs all literary elements to come together to make it a success. Not only does Bradburry capture the whole effect of setting but also makes sure to incorporate fantastic themes, plot, and conflict. By analyzing his work one can see just how much setting can affect all other elements of a story such as the reader’s vision of the story, the character development and plot, and how the story would change entirely if the setting was

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