A Research Study On Stem Cell Therapy

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I am writing you to see how you are doing. I had heard about you devastating car accident that you were a part of and the horrific injury that you have endured. It deeply saddens me that you have a spinal cord injury to live with but I am encouraged by the news that you are a candidate for a stem cell therapy clinical trial. This letter is to offer my best wishes and support for you also to empower you with a greater understanding of stem cells so you can go in to the trials knowing what you are going through. In this letter I well make you aware of the biology of stem cells as well as the pros and cons of stem cell therapy. I will give you the science aspect of it followed by my personal opinion of it. Take what you can from this and good luck to you. Let’s begin by talking about stem cells in general. What are stem cells? They are cells that possess the ability to grow into many different forms of cells throughout the body. Think of it as a repair shop for the body that heals old, damaged cells. There are certain characteristics that make stem cells different from the other cells in the body. One being that over a lengthy period of time stem cells can regenerate and divide which keeps it from dying out. Another differentiating characteristic is since they can take on different cell form in the body, they are unspecialized. That means they will not perform specific functions in the body. That being said there is a possibility that they can become specialized in the form of muscle, blood and brain cells. This process where the stem cells become specialized is called differentiation where the cell goes through multiple stages, becoming further specialized as it completes each one. The idea of stem cell therapy is to be able help ... ... middle of paper ... ...injury site and keeping the inflammation that occurred after the injury from spreading is all part of the process. Although clinical trials continue and are showing promise in progress there still are no definitive treatment for spinal cord injuries. My opinion for you is to head into this next step in your healing and recovery process with great optimism. The trials can benefit you by possibly gaining some progress and it will also help contribute to the bigger picture in fighting this serious injury. Stem cell research is headed in in the right direction and is helping many others. I don’t know firsthand but I do have a friend that had knee troubles that cause her to be in pain when walking. She went and had two rounds of stem cell therapy and now she is walking around like a new person. So there are success stories out there and you can become one too. Good luck.

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