A Report About a Concert Attended

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I attended a concert that was a piano trio. The instruments were obviously a piano, a cello, and a violin. The concert was done by two adults and one student. The student played the cello. The concert was held here on Oklahoma State's campus at Willard Hall. The room it was held in was a relatively small room. It wasn't a real concert hall it was more of a small kind of parlor room. Piano trios are meant for smaller audiences, so it worked out well. There was about 30 people in the room attending the performance. The music played was from different musical areas. The smaller setting made it easier to focus on the musicians and what all they were doing when playing these songs.

The first song the piano trio performed was the Haydn C Major Trio. This piece is from the Classical period of music. The Baroque period is known for many of the smaller setting pieces that were written in that time period, so piano trios were quite popular at this time. The piece consisted of three movements in fast, slow, fast order. The piano and violin were featured in this movement and you could tell that their parts were pretty difficult. The first part of this piece was in sonata form, the second was in ABA ternary form, and the third was another part in sonata form. The piece changed tempo throughout it which really felt like it kept people involved. You could also hear the repeat of the intro and certain themes throughout the piece. This piece was very enjoyable. It was probably my favorite piece played in this concert. The changing if tempos really made you pay more attention and it wasn't slow or boring. The sonata forms allowed the musicians to perform more difficult parts from the pieces and it was very entertaining to observe. This piece also ...

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...ext and final movement was the finale. This movement brought back themes from the first movement and the third movement and gave the piece a feeling of ending. This movement was quicker and louder than the movements before. I enjoyed this piece. It was very interesting and used differences in dynamics to keep people interested. The themes in the movements differed and really captivated my attention. This and the first piece of the concert were very nice and I really enjoyed them.

This concert was very nice and enjoyable. The performance overall was very good and easy to listen to. All the pieces they played except for the second one I really did like. I had never been to a chamber music concert before this one, but I really enjoyed the setting and how close you could be to the musicians. The concert overall was very good and I would go back to another one like it
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