A Real Cajun Experience

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Imagine you’re in the Deep South, crocodiles, Creole, and the flavor of Cajun America. New Orleans, Louisiana, it’s spring, and it’s time for Mardi Gras. If you want the true Cajun experience, then take a trip down to Broussard’s Cajun Cuisine in Cape Girardeau and they’ll show you what it’s like.

Broussard’s Cajun Cuisine has been spicing up Cape Girardeau since 1986. Barron T. Broussard and his wife Kathy moved to Cape Girardeau from Crowley, Louisiana with a plan to bring the Cajun style of Louisiana to Missouri. They did just that for 5 years, gaining the reputation of great food and service in the Midwest, before selling it to Mr. Dennis Stockard in 1991. Mr. Stockard and his son, Shawn, upheld the Cajun tradition for thirteen years before selling it to the present owner, Hunter Clar...

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