A Psychic Medium's Ultimate Secret To Open The Third Eye

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What Is The Third Eye? Apart from possessing psychic abilities, a psychic medium is quite known for the gift of being able to communicate with spiritual beings from another realm. It is because of the third eye that a medium can do this, even more so with a powerful one. With this third eye, "psychic vision" is gained, thus allowing him to do things beyond explanation such as reading people's minds, looking into the past or the future of a person, and establish contact with the spiritual plane, among other abilities. You may ask yourself, what is the third eye all about? The third eye is often recognized by many as "psychic vision", the center or the main source of a reader or medium's psychic powers. The third eye is also referred to as the "Agya" or the sixth chakra, which symbolically denotes wisdom, intuition, and psychic power. In layman's terms, the third eye is the sole reason on why psychics can read and interpret the past, present, and the future of a person; it is also why a psychic medium can read people's minds, among many other gifts. …show more content…

You can attain these gifts for yourself even if you're just a normal human being walking down the streets and living a routine lifestyle. Everyone has a third eye that remains closed or "asleep", and it actually exists, located right at the center of the forehead just above and between your brows. There is a very simple way, a psychic medium's secret to opening up the third eye, and it through mediation. Meditation is a medium's approach to opening it up, as well as closing it by will. Stated below are the steps to initiate the opening of your third

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