A Perception of the Surname Glass

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“Rivers, ponds, lakes and streams - they all have different names, but they all contained water. Just as religions do - they all contain truths.” (Ali 1). This quote represents the fact that as humans we are all designated on this earth with different names, personalities, and exterior make ups. However, it still does exclude the fact that in the end we are all human beings, just as we are designed to cling on to an idea higher than ourselves. We are also designed to take on perceptions of different truths about society and life itself. In the beginning of our lives we all start out with just a name. This name is what begins the building blocks of our identity and personality. One should consider the questions: "If you did not have a name or title, how would you be able to identify yourself? If you had no name, who would you be?”This is the million-dollar question, did historical figures like Napoleon start out with a great name or did his historical achievements make his name great? Regardless of how we build the identity to our names, our names are still the shoes of our life paths that we were given at birth to either grow into or out of, or wear elegantly and effortlessly like a custom-made pair. So, how does this idea of identity derived from individual names work with literary characters. This can be compared to the way that parents give names to their newborn baby. The name they choose for this creation of theirs is the way the child be known and identified for the rest of their lives. So they spend weeks and even months looking at the meaning of names in order to the pick the perfect one. The same can be said for the author choosing names for their characters. One particular writer that captures this idea behind the nam... ... middle of paper ... ... questions: Who are your favorite characters in literature, and what are their surnames? Do they have surname that is rather common or do they have a surname that is quite unique? Why do you think their writers gave them those particular surnames? With regards to the possible answers to these question, is the reason that a writer like J.D Salinger would choose a surname Glass his way of not only conveying a way for his readers to remember this family, but a way to help one remember what arguments about society or other issues that the Salinger used the family to convey in their respected short stories. Works Cited Hauser, Thomas. Muhammad Ali: His Life and times. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1991. Print. Huxley, Aldous. Complete Essays, Vol. 3: 1930-1935. Ivan R. Dee, 2001. Print. Salinger, J.D. Franny and Zooey. New York: Little, Brown And Company, 1961. Print.

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