A New Hero Today

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A hero is someone who has courage and the ability to help others. Some people might refer to their hero as their role model. No matter what someone may name their hero, almost everyone has one. The person who chooses their hero wants their hero to be an inspiring role model whom they can look up to while they are going through rough times. Since the beginning of time, people have had heroes because heroes are the people that set a good example for the public and have they noble qualities that are obvious for everyone to see. Over time people have changed their minds on who they believe to be is a good hero but people have always wanted the same qualities in a hero, for them to be brave, honorable, and inspiring.

Several years ago a person’s idea of someone being brave was someone who goes off to fight in battles and defend their country. On the other hand, today, someone is considered a brave person if they just do the bare minimum of standing up for themselves and for what they believe in. Nowadays people do not have to defend themselves or their country and people like others had to do several years ago. So, people’s idea of what a hero is or should be has changed even though the characteristic is the same exact one. A long time ago people wanted their hero to be brave and still today people want the same thing. People love their hero to be brave because if someone feels as though they do not have enough strength and courage to keep on going in life they want to look up to their hero and see that if they can do it so can they. Bravery is when someone is fearless, bold and daring and whether someone is an average person from five hundred years ago or an average person from today they want to see those strong traits i...

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...ough their phase where they want to be individuals. So, they would choose someone along those lines to be their hero. When a person becomes an adult, they start to appreciate family heroes, and all of the people who worked hard and sacrificed to help them out, and get to the point where they are at today. So basically, every age group is inspired by different qualities and that is why there are so many different heroes.

A person chooses someone to be his or her hero because they see admirable characteristics in that person. Whether it is someone from the past or someone from today a hero will always be someone that a person looks up to. A hero is a person that someone finds helpful when they are in a dreadful situation. Although the idea of what makes a hero has changed overtime, the concept that everyone needs a hero is still around and will stay around.
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