A Judson : A Bicentennial Appreciation Of The Pioneer American Missionary

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Adoniram Judson: A Bicentennial Appreciation of The Pioneer American Missionary. Edited By Jason G. Duesing, Nashville, TN: B&H Publishing Group, 2012, xvii + 184 pp., $24.99 Paperback. Introduction Jesus’s call to make disciples of all nations in Matthew 28 has been the lifeblood of the Church since post-resurrection commission. The Great Commission is what brought the gospel from the Middle East to America. The faithfulness of past saints is evidenced by the multitude of believers on every contentment of the globe. Adoniram Judson was one of those faithful saints. Judson faithfully obeyed the call of Christ to preach the gospel to all nations by taking the gospel to Burma and he suffered greatly to proclaim the gospel. The entirety of the New Testament is characterized by suffering. Whether the sufferings of Christ, of Paul, or of the early church. This suffering is promised to those who will faithfully proclaim the message of death to all those who are experiencing spiritual death. Judson’s love for the Burmese people drove him to suffer for the cause of Christ by packing up his wife onto a ship to move to a foreign land so that these people might now Christ. In the preface to Adoniram Judson: A Bicentennial Appreciation of the Pioneer American Missionary the editor Dr. Jason G. Duesing says “Seeing the two-hundredth anniversary of Judson’s departure as a fitting context for such a presentation, the authors of this volume have sought not only to remember what took place in the past, but also to forecast what we hope will take place in the future” (xxi). Furthermore, the authors “hope that their readers will not only gain a renewed desire to see the gospel reach those peoples still unaware of the name of Jesus Christ (Rom 15:2... ... middle of paper ... ... further issue with the methodology taken to write this book was its repetitiveness. Authors state, restate, and then further restate what other authors have already said. This reviewer was left frustrated at the lack of depth in each section due to biographical content, such as Judson’s conversion from a belief in paedobaptism to one in credobaptism, being regurgitated ad nauseam. Because of the books formatting, lack of depth, and historical confusion, the thesis was not accomplished by its authors. While this reviewer derived personal enjoyment from this work, a more refined, single themed approach would have been better than the one undertaken by this work. Yet this work still seeks to attain a glorious end, so by all means go and dig and set the world ablaze with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Austin W. Burgard Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

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