A Good Man Is Hard to Find by Flannery O'Connor

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I found this to be one of the more interesting stories that I have read during this course. question why does the grandmother have bad luck, or is this just irony or karma? Was it this family’s destiny to be killed by this so called Miss-Fit or was this just an act of chance. Maybe we can look at it from the angle that I concluded, was this brought upon the family by a grandmother’s selfishness. I will argue that this was not a story about a chance encounter, but this is what was meant to be. The story almost starts out that would lead the reader to think it is a comedy. The story starts with the grandmother only thinking about what she selfishly wanted to do for the family trip. That was to go to Tennessee instead of Florida, she did not want a chance encounter with the Mis-Fit. The Mis-Fit is a violent prisoner that is locked away in the Florida penitentiary. At this point in the story I would ask, are there any chance of an encounter with a prisoner that is locked up. This will set the tone for the story in my opinion, the grandmother would like to manipulate the family. When the grandmother is confronted about the reason she should not go to Florida she quickly changes her tone,”If you don’t want to go why dontcha stay at home”? John Wesley said “She wouldn’t stay at home for million bucks. Then June Star states “Afraid she’d miss something”. “She has to go everywhere we go”
(Norton p.423)Even the children understood that the grandmother is being manipulative and uses it against her. Now let’s take a look at the first few sentences of this story to see that this story. I will then explain how this was not a simple story of chance. The grandmother starts to read the Journal, about the Mis-Fit. She asked th...

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...n that saw her entire family murdered and still only thought about herself until the end. As for the Mis-Fit, he was only what he was, just like the grandmother. They were destined to cross paths and in the end grandma could not manipulate the one person she needed to so desperately. There is a saying “don’t speak it into existence,” the grandmother did just that.

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