A Doll's House Analysis

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“A Doll`s house” by Henrick Ibsen. In “A doll`s house” by Henrick Ibsen, we learn from Nora of how women play an integral role in society but due to the limitations society has put on women they find it difficult to reach their full potential . This notion can be seen through the author`s use of conflict and symbolism. The play is packed with symbols that epitomize intellectual ideas and concepts that are effective in illustrating the fact that women are being underappreciated in society. The first symbol that we notice in the play is the “Christmas Tree”. The Christmas tree represents happiness and unity in the family as well as the effort Nora has taken in making her home a comfortable haven to relax in. He efforts though are met with a slight disdain from her husband Torvald as he elaborates repeatedly that she is using money unwisely. “Come come we can`t afford to squander money.” An important role for Nora as a mother and a wife is to bring joy in her house when she can but due to the limitations Torvald has put on her, she finds it hard to…show more content…
It is discernable as we notice, how Nora is treated by her husband, Torvald. Torvald gives no-regard to the intelligence of Nora and pictures her as an ornament that adorns his household. “…but our home has never been anything but a playroom, I`ve been your doll wife, just as I used to be papa`s doll child.” It is obvious that Nora does not have much control over her life and over any money “You might give me money Torvald…” Nora is quite intelligent and knows a thing or two about budgeting money, she has been able to pay her loan in small increments and at the same time buy things for her household. “I have had to save a little here and there, where I could, you understand.” Torvalds pride prevents her from reaching her full potential and doing something constructive in her
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