A Dogs Life in Up and Downs

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A Dogs Life in Up and Downs

Dog care seems to be one of societies greatest undermined problems as streets begin to become littered with stray dogs. On Average there are 7.6 million animals put into shelters nationwide. A whopping 3.9 million relates specifically to dogs, and to make matters even more precarious 2.7 million are put down. And only 1.3 million are adopted, is it the dog’s fault? Or are humans to blame for not properly caring for them. Dogs have an instinct to reproduce and a fertile dog will reproduce on average once a year and this deals with 4-6 puppies on average. The major reason why dogs are given away or why there let loose is because there residence does not allow them to have them. Dogs that leave their homes without the owner’s consent is due to lack of knowledge by the dog owner on how to care for them. Is this really a way to treat mans best friend? Every one can make a change and this is how.

Before having a puppy a owner must know what supplies to have for his/her puppy these supplies include, but are not limited to: two bowls, a bed, toys, puppy treats, puppy food, grooming tools, harness, and tag. Some of these supplies are not necessary but they are recommended. A dog tag and leach is one of the most important of them all because if someone finds a dog and it has a tag they will more then likely try to locate the owner and if a shelter finds them they will make sure to return them. If you are buying a puppy you will need to make sure that the puppy you are getting is the one that you want/need. Choosing a puppy that you do not want/need leads to a loss of interest and eventually inattention of the dog, because once you choose the puppy you'll have to know how to care for it. One must also be aware...

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