A Dispute between My Wife and I

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Context: A dispute my wife and me were having at the house about her father. This touchy subject always has differences in opinion.

Interaction: My wife and I were debating on when we wanted her father to come up to New York so he could visit. She wanted her father to visit us around Christmas that way her oldest sister could take time off of work and accompany him up here because he is hard of hearing. The conflict started when she insisted that we get her father a chaperon for the flight from Texas to New York or if she may travel to Texas and accompany him back up here. The reason for this was because of the fact her sister could not take leave from work, and my wife did not feel comfortable with her father traveling alone. I replied "No, that is unnecessary" and enlightened her on how I felt. Her father is a grown man, I stated. He works for a construction company, pays almost all of his bills, and provides for himself to maintain his well-being; why does he need help traveling from one place to the other? His disability does not prevent him to see neither does it prevent him to interpret what people are trying to tell him since he can read lips and has a hearing device that costs thousands of dollars. With regard to what was just said, I think she does not need to coddle him all of the time. My wife did not take my input well. She informed me that it is not about if he can go to the store and purchase groceries or if he can work, the problem is him not being able to accurately comprehend what people are saying most of the time and it may hinder him from getting on the correct flight. Lastly, she informed me that her father is sensitive to the disability he has. As the conversation was coming to a closure, I r...

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...ds of others. The reason could be from people wanting to gain popularity amongst others to being perceived as reasonable, eventually sometimes making you compromise yourself.

According to accommodation, my decision reflected that I gave into the demands of my wife in which showed her I am reasonable and care for the both of them. In order for one of us to win the other one has to lose. I allowed my wife to have her way just because it wasnt that big of a dispute, as there was no reason to make a minor conflict into something outrageous. I want' class='brand-secondary'>want my wife to know that I am here to support her and show her that I do care for the safety of her and her family. This will not be the last time my wife and I encounter this conflict about her father but I can be sure it will not be the same result. I do not want my wife to think that I will always accommodate to her needs.
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