From Rejection to Reverence: The Journey of Moby Dick

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Moby Dick is one of the greatest books written in American literature but when it was first made, Herman Melville was shamed for writing it and hated. After a while Moby Dick was noticed from being a book everyone hated to one of the most popular pieces of literature now. The title Moby Dick is known by almost everyone in America. Originally Moby Dick was called The Whale that was originally published in 1851 but was changed to Moby Dick in a later date. The book starts out with a very famous line called “call me ishmael” which was the name of the main character/narrator who goes out to sea as a merchant and wants to go on a whale adventure. Captain Ahab gathers his crew to hunt down Moby Dick even though they were supposed to go to get oil …show more content…

From Herman Melville you learn his unique writing style of a humorous and lighthearted book even though it digs deep into the problem of revenge. Melville was shamed for writing Moby Dick but as time grew people saw Moby Dick as a excellent novel. People say that Melville 's writing is confusing and hard to understand but if given enough time and concentration to read the book you get skills out of it as a better reader and a better writer. You would get a better understanding of his unique writing style and have a fun time reading it. The problem with Moby Dick being in the english process is that people are going to have to spend a huge amount of time of their class to read this book. If you wanna learn an important topic of revenge Moby Dick is the perfect book. Reading Moby Dick makes you feel like you are experiencing these scenes of intensity. The book is extremely hard to understand towards end and to other scenes but it will help to understand other books you will read in the future and increase how well you can write. This is why Moby Dick is one of the most well known,well written, and greatest novels made in America. Moby Dick teaches you about revenge, and improves your reading and writing. Moby Dick should be in the english learning

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