A Career in Broadcasting

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“Bosh rebound, out to Allen, Allen…BANG!” shouts Jeff Van Gundy, the broadcaster for the Miami Heat. Broadcasting is a profession that requires speech and writing skills to announce live sport games for viewers to listen. When broadcasting a live game, the main goal is to keep the spectators entertained (Ferguson Publishing Company 72). Sports casting is an underrated profession because of how important their role is to the game. Broadcasters not only entertain fans but also add exciting commentary that explains the game and gives details about statistics. My goal in life is to become a play-by-play broadcaster for professional sports. To properly explore a sport broadcasting career, the educational requirements, the working conditions and the salary and benefits are vital factors to consider

Before applying for a broadcasting job, educational requirements must be met. Graduating high school is an important first step on the road to become a sports broadcaster or announcer. According to the Ferguson Publishing Company “Television sports broadcasters who deliver the news in sports, usually have Bachelors degrees in communications or journalism” (73). Most play-by-play broadcasters for radio stations have journalistic skills. It is essential for broadcasters to have journalistic skills because before they announce a game they must have a surplus of information about the players, coaches, and even history. Additionally, broadcasters need excellent communication skills. Justin Hoke from Sport Casters states “Other requirements are having a nice speaking voice, excellent verbal and interviewing skills, a pleasant appearance, and a solid command of sports in general” (Hoke 1). The Ferguson Publishing Company explains “ take classe...

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...nally, understanding how much money I will be making and the benefits that will come due to broadcasting are important. In the future, I hope I am sitting in a press box screaming because Lebron James just hit a game winner in double overtime.

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