Essay Outline on the South's Sucession from the United States

Essay Outline on the South's Sucession from the United States

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Thesis: The South wanted to secede because the North was trying to abolish slavery, as seen in the Fugitive Slave Act, they tried to compromise by creating the Missouri Compromise line and both sides were unhappy.

Paragraph 1:
Category/grouping:The Fugitive Slave Act
Main argument: The south wanted to recapture runaway slaves, but the North thought that was wrong. The North wanted to help the fugitive slaves escape to Canada because they believed slavery was wrong and warned the South. The South disagreed and thought slaves were their “property” and they owned them and deserved to be returned.
Documents: Resolutions in Regard to Slavery, Fugitive Slave Act, Caution Poster, Burlington Free Press Editorial
Justification: The Resolutions in Regard to slavery was passed by the Vermont Senate and House of Representatives and it showed the opposition towards the Fugitive Slave Law. It made people unhappy and did not work. The Fugitive Slave Act made the North really mad because they coe slave catchers from the South could capture fugitive slaves and return them to their owners. The...

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