Environment, Activism and Struggle Essay

Environment, Activism and Struggle Essay

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“My case at this point in time really isn't about me as much as it is about wrongful illegal immoral policies that they practice against our people. And at this juncture of history though these practices were for the most part exercised first on my people they have now crossed over into all peoples, especially the poor. Or anyone that doesn't have the political or monetary power to combat their system and bring to public awareness the transgressions upon those who can ill afford to defend themselves.” Leonard Peltier Fourth of July Statement


If we cannot respect other human life, how can we respect the intricacies of a complete planetary eco system? It is not just the poor with out the financial backing for a voice; it is also the voiceless members of all nature who lack a defense.

Environment, activism and struggle. The first struggle is the struggle I face writing this piece, because I am not directly connected to the struggle and difficulties faced by American Indians. Yet, I find myself writing on the topic of an American Indian role model. There is always a question of motive behind the writer in these situations. Agreeable, I question the same type of writers myself. Even the choices of descriptive label for the culture is a touch and go subject.

Regardless of culture, label and race, Leonard Peltier is one of the strongest positive role models from my growth into adulthood. As I began re-researching his story, I began to struggle. Contemporary views on non-Indian writers writing on Indian themes are not always positive. As I continued to develop the piece about the strong influence Peltier had on my views and myself today, I recalled my indoctrination into the imbalances that exist within the United ...

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...ion campaign to protect old growth forests. They invited me to join them, and for the next two years we successfully fought to cancel the sale of the remaining acres of a large-scale ancient ecosystem.

My life’s path would have taken a drastically different course without the early, and continuing, influence of Leonard Peltier’s life and words. This article would not have challenged me to try and present a clear example of the problems that are shared by all of the inhabitants of Earth. These problems are inter-representational. They are all symptoms of the same sickness, poverty. The lack of resources whether monetary, for legal “defense”, or political, through not having a “voice”, the imbalance is shared across all nature.

Footnote: Joseph Stuntz Killsright’s death remains uninvestigated along with hundreds of others. Leonard Peltier remains in prison.

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