Essay on Emma Blair's Wild Strawberries

Essay on Emma Blair's Wild Strawberries

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What realizations occur to Dr. Borg in Wild Strawberries as he drives from his house to Lund to receive his award? What does he learn from his dreams?
Marianne, his daughter in law, who never liked him, accompanied him. On the way, they were chatting on various issues for instance why she never liked him and the misunderstanding between her and his son, Evald. She never liked him due to his nature as he was lonely man (Blair 26). His loneliness had also affected his son's perspective of life. Evald never liked children and had asked Marianne to get rid of it; this was influenced by his parents' marriage. Their marriage was strained as it was characterised by disagreements and arguments. Mr. Borg realized that he had played a major part in influencing his son's view of life.
On the way, they were joined by hitch hikers, Sara, Anders and Viktor. Sara reminded him of Sara, his cousin, who he was in love with when they were young but got married to his brother, Sigfrid, who was irresponsible. Sara reflects her in that she can't decide who between Anders and Viktor (Blair 67). However, the two are different and view life differently but she prefers Viktor due to his nature and he aspires to be a doctor thus his salary is higher than that of the minister. Another couple, Alman and Berit, joins them. This couple keeps on arguing eventually Berit slaps Alman. However, Alman is an abusive husband and criticises his wife openly while other people are present. Their marriage reflects Dr. Borg's marriage to Karin as it was also unhappy.
He reminisces on his childhood living at the sea side and his childhood sweetheart, Sara. His daydreams and nightmares help him realize how lonely and aloof his life has been (Blair 156). At the petrol ...

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...oney Wayne offers him despite the fact that it was stolen from steel mill in Illinois. He kidnaps both Michael and Suzanne and intends to kill them both as Michael had impersonated him and Suzanne whom he had been paid to assassinate (Dahl and Rick 78). He fails to understand the reason why Michael had done so. Michael was in need of money and was a good person as he didn't to kill her. Michael is humane while Lyle is inhumane as when at the cemetery during the fight between them, Michael unfortunately throws Lyle and he gets hit by the statue he is scared that he has killed him although Lyle had an intention to kill him. Suzanne shot Lyle so that they can free from him and Wayne too.

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