Essay about Emerson And Thoreau 's Influence On Society

Essay about Emerson And Thoreau 's Influence On Society

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Both Emerson and Thoreau’s still have something to teach us today. The ideas that they share in “Self-Reliance” and “Life without Principle” are still relevant in today’s world. When students are taught about these writers they feel as if it’s a waste of time, but in reality if they paid close attention they would understand that it is for their benefit.
Three ideas that Emerson shares is that people need to have more self-trust, people need to stop being fake and also that society plays a big factor on peoples decision making. Thoreau also shares three ideas with us, he says people should stay true to their heart’s desire and ignore what society thinks, be themselves and not act like someone they’re not, and last but not least, people should stay true to their own thoughts and not let others convince them that their thoughts are incorrect. I believe that people in today’s world try too hard to be someone they’re really not and also that they waste their life by doing so and by trying to fit it in, everyone was born to be their own person no matter what other people may think or say. Like Emerson said “Every great man is unique.”
One of Emerson’s idea is self-trust. Emerson writes about how people should speak their thoughts before it’s too late, before someone speaks it for them. This is still relevant today, many times a person will have a good answer to a question, or a good idea but won’t speak up and then they realize they should have when someone else speaks up with the same thought and gets a round of applause for having a great answer or idea. I myself have experienced this before. One day my professor asked the class a question and in my head I answered it, but didn’t want to speak up because I figured it was not ...

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...reat ideas that are still relevant to life today. It is important to keep learning about these two writers and their thoughts on life. If people would pay close attention to what these writers have to say in “Self-Reliance” and “Life without Principle” people would start living happier and less complicated lives. Even though it is tough to live this way because of society and how much it influences people, if people can do some of these things it will help their life be more enjoyable. People today need to be themselves and trust themselves rather than follow the crowd and try to fit in. Being yourself is probably one of the most important things you can do. Don’t live a fake life to try to impress others instead live a life true to yourself and one that you are happy about, do it for yourself. Like Emerson said “My life is for itself and not for a spectacle.”

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