Electrex Knows the Importance of Motivating Employees Essay

Electrex Knows the Importance of Motivating Employees Essay

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Motivating Performance
Motivation is the internal process that leads the behavior to satisfy needs. (Lussier, 2010) There is a basic reason why people have the motivation to do what they want because they could fulfill their wants and needs. (Lussier, 2010)
Motivation plays an important role in an organization’s management. It is because a motivated employee can help the organization to increase the productivity. Not only that, a motivated employee is more cooperative, supportive and be punctual to work. Therefore, an organization should make sure that all of their employees are motivated in order to make the company to be more successful and achieve their goals and targets each year.
As a multinational company, Electrex knew the importance of having motivated employees in the organization. In order to make the organization as a better company in the industry, Electrex has brought in a series of implementations and designing incentive systems to make sure that their employees are motivated enough.
First of all, Electrex has applied the performance formula, which is performance = Ability* Motivation* Resources into their company in order to motivate their employees. Also, Electrex are putting in a lot of efforts to make sure that every sector in the performance formula is high in order to gain a high performance from their employees. For instance, Electrex has provided the best working environment and equipment as a part of the resources for their employees. Besides that, all the employees in Electrex are entering into the company according to two aggressive interviews; therefore, the workers should have the ability to do their work well. As a part of the motivation, the management level in Electrex has also tried their best to sat...

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...ees who performed well in their job. Besides that, Electrex also set up rules and regulations as a part of their avoidance reinforcement to their employees. They will also require their employees to obey the rules and avoid the negative consequences. It is because the negative consequences will affect the working climate in the organization. Moreover, an employee who is late for the meeting three times and above and do not have an appropriate reason will not be given praise in that particular month as the extinction. Electrex do have a punishment like taking away the privileges from an employee who is still does not perform well after extinction from their supervisor or manager. But, Electrex rarely used this method as a punishment because it will bring out some negative impact to the organization such as low productivity, poor morale, acts of sabotage and theft.

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