Elder Abuse Administration On Aging Essay

Elder Abuse Administration On Aging Essay

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Every American should have the right to live free from the fear of abuse. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. The National Center on Elder Abuse Administration on Aging (NCEA) stated, “In the United States, the 2010 Census recorded the greatest number and proportion of people age 65 and older in all of decennial census history: 40.3 million, or 13% of the total population. This “Boomer Generation” effect will continue for decades”. This suggests that with the population of elders increasing, the abuse of elders will grow much higher. Elder abuse if defined as intentionally causing harm to a vulnerable elder by a caregiver or someone they trust. There are five main types of abuse; Physical, sexual, neglect, emotional or psychological and financial exploitation. The many types of elder abuse are a universal problem that are continuously growing because they are difficult to recognize, report and prove.
Every type of abuse has signs. However, some signs are much more obvious than others. For example, when an elder is physically abused you will be able to see evidence, but if an elder is emotionally abused it is much harder to see the signs. Physical abuse is purposely inflicting pain or injury on someone. The signs of physical abuse are bruises, marks on the body like cuts or welts, sprains and injuries that are healing that were never treated. Sexual abuse is defined as having nonconsensual sexual contact of any kind. The signs of sexual abuse are bruises on or around the breasts or genitals, unexplained sexually transmitted infections, vaginal or anal bleeding and torn, stained, or bloody underwear. Neglect is when one fails to provide food, shelter, health care, or protection. Signs or neglect are poor hygiene, dehydrati...

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...e outcome will be for everyone involved.” Another type or abuse that many tend to ignore is self-neglect. The Health and Wellness Resource Center reports, “Self-neglect is failing to preform essential, self-care tasks, to an extent that threatens personal health and safety.” Most times, the self-neglect is unintentional because the elder will refuse any type of help. “He or she may be in denial, feel ashamed about needing help, or worried about having to leave home. Don’t stop checking with the older adult, even if you are being brushed off…Sometimes a peer or neutral party, such as a geriatric care manager, may have a better chance or getting through.” When an elder refuses help one cannot force them to do something they don’t want to, but it is good to keep asking them if they want help so that when they do need help they are aware that someone is there for them.

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