Essay on The Effects Of Watching Too Much Tv

Essay on The Effects Of Watching Too Much Tv

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The Effects of Watching Too Much TV
Television has become one of the major entertainment providers in our modern life. It sits in the living room of about almost every home in the world and it is the one thing that most people like to come home to after a long day of work or school. Not only does it give us something to laugh or get scared at but it also provides us with valuable information about what is happening around our local community and around different places in the world. But, as good as this sounds, Television may be affecting us without even realizing it. Being one of the major distractors in today 's society, it gets us attached to its content in which a lot of people spend a lot of their time watching. Being thus, watching too much Television is one of the dominant issues of this century, which ultimately impacts the body, what we believe, and how we interact.
Television can be relaxing and the escape to avoid our problems for a moment instead of facing them to find a solution. To many children, TV can be appealing because they find the colorful cartoons interesting and instantly catches their attention. But, as entertaining and fun Television can be, spending too much time looking at your big fifty inch flat screen TV can eventually impact your life. It seems like if you just spend all your time sitting on the couch, you may find yourself preparing fast meals, such as a ham sandwich thrown with some potato chips on a plate or just driving to buying something from McDonald’s. But this can eventually affect your health. If we give Television too much attention it can also affect relationships with parents, siblings or a partner. It can slowly become an easy addiction to come home to, sit on the couch and spend the ...

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...d behavior. It is one of the major type of media from which we acquire information and depending on the information, it directly affects how we feel and at the end of day it changes our way of thinking. Therefore, spending too much time viewing TV can either positively or negatively affects us, but it all depends on the way that we decide to perceive it and how we decide to store in our brain.
In conclusion, Television is one of the greatest invention in the history of the world, it all just depends on each individual and how we use it. It can be a source of entertainment on a Sunday evening with the family or it can be the distraction that takes all of our time instead of doing other important activities. We do not want to spend too much time watching the Television because it can eventually affect our health, our communication with people, and the way we believe.

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