Essay on The Effects Of Technology On The Classroom

Essay on The Effects Of Technology On The Classroom

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In the Home Page, a brief overview of the website is given. I tried to keep he language succinct and tried to be motivating by being less formal. At the bottom of a page, a large button redirects the students to the next page, Get Inspired. This is the page that intends to help students generate ideas for writing. In this page, the students can choose the relevant writing prompt that was discussed in the classroom. Presently, there are two writing prompts n this page. However, as the course progresses, more writing prompts will be added on a weekly basis. By clicking on a prompt, they go to the web resources related to it in the same page. There are four YouTube videos for each prompt. In choosing the videos, I tried to consider all aspects of a given prompts to avoid directing the students to a single direction. For example, for the writing prompt about the effects of technology, I included resources on both the negative and the positive effects, along with a video discussing technology beyond good and evil. There are also four web articles written by professional authors to further help the students become familiar with sample text on the topic. Finally, at the bottom of the page, the students were encouraged to find more web resources and upload them to the Write with Me wiki page according to the instructions provided.
In the next page, Map Your Ideas, there is a detailed description of what a mind map is and how they are to be used. A sample mind map of an essay is also provided. There is a button on top of the page linking the students to a very simple and easy-to-use mind mapping tool with not signup requirement called In this website, there is a column on the left side of the page where the user can list ...

... middle of paper ...

...d to see the effect of this design on reserved and less assertive students who are marginalized in face-to-face group. Moreover, I am curious to see the effects of using web resources and mind maps on the idea generation and organization of ESL student writers. Last but not lease, I would like to explore the interactions and collaborations of students in wiki spaces to find particular patterns, as well as feedback exchange and revision strategies they adopt. I am also going to share this website with my fellow writing teachers to use their valuable feedback on it.
Overall, creating this learning design was a great experience. It kindled my interest in web development and made me learn how do design simple websites, which would be very useful for my research and future career. For my next project, I would like to work on blogs as a tool to improve ESL writing skills.

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