Effects Of Students Learning Styles On Classroom Performance Essay

Effects Of Students Learning Styles On Classroom Performance Essay

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Learning Styles Annotated Bibliography with Additional Resources
Chris D. Ceary
Stevenson University 
Annotated Bibliography
Alghasham, A. A. (2012). Effects of students learning styles on classroom performance in problem-based learning. Medical Teacher 34 (Suppl. 1), S1 4-9. doi: 10.3109/0142159X.2012.656744
The researchers examined a practical application of Felder’s learning style theory, which explores the varying ways learners take in and handle information. The styles are based on different arrangements of conflicting dimensions. The specific dimension examined in the study were whether the learner was primarily reflective or primarily active. They utilized a method known as Problem Based Learning (PBL), which is focused on the active participation of the students. The participants were medical students, split into groups based on their learning preferences. The students were observed in classes based on PBL and measured their performance on a variety of factors. The results indicated that reflective learners studied additional reading material, preferred individual studying, focused on listening to teammates when in group settings, and used prior knowledge to solve problems. Active learners used a wider variety of resources beyond reading, functioned effectively and flexibly in group settings, examined problems scientifically, and participated more readily. This observation study demonstrated differences in the two learning styles. The researchers indicated that this evidence should encourage professors to establish more varied methods that may encompass individual differences.
Kolb, A. Y., & Kolb, D. A. (2005). Learning styles and learning spaces: Enhancing experiential learning in higher education. Academy of...

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...ants’ understanding of verbal material. All participants were given assessments in both ability to learn from visually reading and from listening to the material. The second study used electronic and audio versions of a book to assess if learning styles relate to understanding and retention. Their findings did not support the meshing hypothesis or Dunn and Dunn’s learning styles. Learners did not demonstrate more skill when tested with their style or when given material based on their style. In fact, participants classified as visual learners performed better overall. This may have been caused by assessment methods of ability being written not auditory; however, this led the researchers to propose that instructors should focus less on learning styles and more on encouraging visual skills as most material encountered in college will be written and thus visual.

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