The Effects Of Stress On Teens And Young Adults Essay

The Effects Of Stress On Teens And Young Adults Essay

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While many may often notice that stress affects many adults, many often fail to see the affects of stress on teens and young adults. Starting at the crack of dawn, five days a week, teens are forced to get their brain in check and ready for the day. Most high schools begin around 7:30 and most of the time don 't get out till around two or three in the afternoon. Not only is the school day long enough, most students are also involved in some sort of extracurricular activity like a sport or a club. Some students even take the risk of being in a school sport and a sport outside of school. On top of all that, students are held to high standards, and are still expected to finish their assigned nightly homework on time. Stress is not always a bad thing, but it can sometimes seem as if nothing but negativity comes from the stress such as sleep deprivation. But with teacher awareness and coping classes, teens may begin to finally begin to be on the right track to getting back to having healthy stress levels once again.
Like adults, students many times become overwhelmed and stressed about the things in their daily life. Like anything can, pressure can build up quite quickly, quite easily For both adults and teens, many report stress has a direct negative impact on simple everyday activities like eating, sleeping and exercising. Stress is mainly known as a state of mental or emotional strain or tension. Stress was created and developed into something that wasn 't supposed to be negative. Today though it has evolved into something much worse. Stress puts so much pressure on a person 's mental health that they almost can 't handle it. They’re body starts to “shut down” and it slowly starts to get worse as more stressful things come up. Str...

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...seem as all it does is cause stress and pressure but homework cannot be eliminated altogether. For some high school students, students are given a “study hall” once weekly. I believe students should be given the chance to have even more than that. Instead of having one long study hall every week, I think students should be given two shorter ones throughout the week last hour so students have the chance to get there needed homework done before their extra curricular sports/activities and before going home. That way when students come home for the evening they can enjoy it with family instead of spending hours on end during homework.
Despite the challenges that come with being a high school student and dealing with sleep deprivation stress, the good news is it can be fixed. Say bye bye to to stress and say hello to help. With the steps mentioned, students can finally

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