The Effects Of Recycling On The Environment And Natural Habitat Essay

The Effects Of Recycling On The Environment And Natural Habitat Essay

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I studied in a green friendly school in Taiwan between 2003 and 2006 so I couldn’t help but be conscious of recycling problems. People who live in the 21st century more or less know the importance of recycling. Even though the awareness of environmental issues has taken its root in people’s minds, I am surprised by the carelessness of household recycle system in London this megacity.

Recycling means to take out harmful and valuable commodities to be further used. It can help to save the environment and natural habitat. For example, if we could reuse papers this material that originally took from the natural world so that lesser resources are required to produce new products. Reach shows 10 litres of water is needed to make one piece of A4 paper; we can save around 26,500 litres of water and 17 trees if we recycled 1-ton paper. From the economic aspect, the most important benefit of recycling is that it can save energy. By using recycled materials, manufacturers can cut down the energy consumption of producing new products from raw material. Therefore, the contribution of low price products can be provided to consumers. We certainly can create a win-win situation on both environmental protection and economic benefaction by doing recycle. What is the current situation and difficulty in the UK?

Approximately 87% of the UK residents believe recycle is favorable for the environment. However, only 33.1% of people in the London actually work on it in 2015. London as an international city has many immigrants and tourists that could bring the difficulty to recycling policies. Lack of incentives or penalties, people who live here may not know how to recycle. Moreover, the authorities should work with retailers to help and educate consu...

... middle of paper ... with strict regulation, the CPRE president Emma Bridgewater rightly points out that recycle awarding system like Germany could be a possibility to elevate recycling rate. I believe it will not only encourage residents to return more bottles but also tourists will join this rewarding game.

Recycling is indispensable to both environment and society, people need to take it seriously and search for all positive possibilities that could benefit us. Especially, London should set a good sample to keep its world-leading place. Authorities need to face the predicament of recycling issues and getting public together to tackle the difficulty head-on. The government can transplant successful experiments from other countries to increase public awareness of recycling problems. Doing recycling is not only for us but also providing a better quality life for next generations.

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