Effects Of Postpartum Depression On The Health Of The Mother And The Child

Effects Of Postpartum Depression On The Health Of The Mother And The Child

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Postpartum depression (PPD) has immediate and long term consequences for the health of the mother and the child (Borra et al., 2015). Fluctuating mood is very normal in the transition of birth and motherhood, however, PPD is measured by continued low mood with feelings of sorrow, low self worth, and hopelessness (Pope & Mazmanian, 2016). PPD can begin during pregnancy or the first four weeks after the birth (APA, 2013). PPD as a prevalence rate of 10-15%, yet may be much more common because PPD is difficult to diagnosis given many new mothers are reluctant to share their depressive symptoms (Leahy-Warren, McCarthy, & Corcoran, 2011). Some other symptoms could include loneliness, loss of sleep, low appetite, inadequacy, low concentration, social isolation and other common symptoms of depression at any other stage of life ( Haga, et al., 2012; Tashakori, Zamani Behbahani, & Davasaz Irani, 2012). Early intervention and prevention is critical, because PPD has long-term negative effects both mentally and emotionally for the child (Leahy-Warren et al., 2011). Women who experience PPD are at an increased risk for reoccurring mental illness for the remainder of their life (Pope & Mazmanian, 2016). PPD is also correlated to a reduced quality of care for the infants, this may impair bonding and development and increase the risk of harm (Balbierz, Bodnar-Deren, Wang, & Howell, 2015). In order to detect PPD it is important to know risk factors that increase chances of developing PPD and also some helpful interventions.
History of depression is one of the strongest predictors of a mother experiences PPD (Chojenta, Lucke, Forder, & Loxton, 2016). Research has shown other areas that present on increased risk for PPD including low so...

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...hod. It is critical that those that inform her and support her treat each mother with respect, dignity, and worth (Hirani & Olson, 2016). A mother’s intention of breastfeeding should be respected. Even given the studies and results every mother has her experiences and right to an informed decision. A mothers intention and expectations will be compared to her actual experience. When there is a difference the risk of PPD can increase (Borra et al., 2015).
This research proposal will use all this research to create an environment that will set up mother for breastfeeding success and seek to control confound variables. It is important to support mothers the best we can wether or not they are in the breastfeeding group. It is also important to measure perceived social support in both groups so that the goal of the study stays focused the effect breastfeeding has on PPD.

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