The Effects Of Lynching On Southern Black People Essay

The Effects Of Lynching On Southern Black People Essay

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Rise of Lynching

“Lynching is the practice whereby a mob--usually several dozen or several hundred persons--takes the law into its own hands in order to injure and kill a person accused of some wrongdoing. The alleged offense can range from a serious crime like theft or murder to a mere violation of local customs and sensibilities. The issue of the victim 's guilt is usually secondary, since the mob serves as prosecutor, judge, jury, and executioner. Due process yields to momentary passions and expedient objectives.”
Violence toward southern black people began long ago in the 1800’s. White southern people went about lynching with beatings, raping, murdering, and rioting. White people saw themselves as superior to blacks and they wanted to be respected as such. Same thing for blacks, but when blacks tried to demand respect they were simply punished. “In Texas, one black man was killed for not removing his hat in the presence of a white man and another for refusing to relinquish a bottle of whiskey.” According to an article called “About Lynching,” lynching goes way back to slavery. During those times, slave owners treated their slaves however they wanted simply because slaves were considered as property. “During slavery there were numerous public punishments of slaves, none of which were preceded by trials or any other semblance of civil or judicial processes. Justice depended solely upon the slaveholder. Executions, whippings, brandings, and other forms of severe punishment, including sometimes the public separation of families, were meted out by authority or at the command of the master or his representative.”
For such harsh beatings, attacks, and killings to happen on innocent people who did absolutely nothing to endure la...

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...r the world for a long period of time. Lynching took place against innocent black people who only wanted equality. These cruel people may have gotten away with these killings in the eyes of the law, but God always serves justice where needed to be served. I am a believer that there is two sides to every story in every situation, but when you have whites hanging people from the black community and then posing for a picture smiling--- that is just something I simply cannot condone in. There are many anti-lynching organizations such as the NAACP that established an Anti-Lynching Bill, an ACT to assure to persons within the jurisdiction of every State the equal protection of the laws, and to punish the crime of lynching in 1922. Thankfully, today, crimes such as the lynching crimes in the 1800’s and 1900’s no longer take place with the justice system that we now have.

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