Essay about The Effects Of Illegal Immigrant Minors On The United States

Essay about The Effects Of Illegal Immigrant Minors On The United States

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MS-13 continuously has new recruits steadily coming in due to the flow of illegal immigrant minors. These immigrants are coming into the United States from Mexico most with the intent to join MS-13 and many other street gangs. These children will sell cocaine, heroin and marijuana and commit robberies to generate income for the gang and earn their way in. To get into the US these children will try to portray themselves as desperate kids fleeing violence and famine in their home countries, when their true intentions are not quite that innocent. The growing amounts of these children coming over the join this dangerous gang is a great concern for not only the citizens of the United States, but also for the children themselves. Not only do these children have to do the horrible things listed above to be initiated into the gang but that also have to go through a horrible initiation beating. This beating included one or more gang members beating on the person being initiated for a total of 13 seconds. The 13 second beating obviously represents the number 13 in the gang’s name. Unfortunately for these children as they continue to grow in the gang many of them end up going to prison or even worse dead. These consequences are due to the many crimes they will commit including murder and rape. What these children do not understand is that they can have a better life of they do not join this gang and commit these heinous crimes. A little bit of hard work and commitment will make all the difference when it comes to their future and it will come with many more benefits other than life in prison or death. All though there is no way to stop these kids from joining the gang there are some ways to try and deter them including cou...

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... crime themselves, or if their crime is heinous enough it could also be the death penalty. Either of these option would keep many other people a little bit more safe.

Army Ants- Another name for MS 13 gang members.
God Father- Leader if the MS 13 in El Salvador
Champing In- Part of the initiation ritual

Where was MS 13 originated?
A. Washington DC
B. Los Angles (answer)
C. Maryland
D. Pittsburgh
What is the name of the man who murdered Brenda Pasz?
A. Billy Santos
B. Oscar Gonzalez
C. Ishaml Synsherdes (answer)
D. Peter Williams
Why did MS 13 kill Brenda Pasz?
A. She was a snitch (answer)
B. She was a woman
C. She got in a fight with another member
D. She was to pretty
What happens to the MS 13 members then they get deported?
A. They go to jail
B. They have a trial
C. They get the death penalty
D. They get set free (answer)

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