Essay about The Effects Of Electronic Media On Children

Essay about The Effects Of Electronic Media On Children

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In an age of technology, parents are confronted with a conflict that prior generations never had to face: keeping negative influences of electronic media away from children. While many organizations, such as the American Psychological Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the American Psychiatric Association, “recommend that parents limit their children’s television watching, with no electronic media at all allowed for children under age two” (Berger, 2011, 276), few parents abide. While new technology is not always harmful to children by itself, it is overall a danger as this media takes time away from constructive interactions which are necessary during the play years and possibly has other negative effects on the developing person.
Sociocultural theory holds that development results from the dynamic interaction of each person with the surrounding social and cultural forces. In terms of this theory, the danger of technology is the limitation of social interaction with peers. Berger (2011) writes that according to this theory on human development, “children learn best from peers who demonstrate whatever skills the child is developmentally ready to try” (p. 221). That being said, “many developmentalists believe that play is the most productive as well as enjoyable activity that children undertake” (Berger, 2011, p. 269). There are many types of play that involve social interaction, and more specifically peers, which are not only advantageous but necessary for early childhood development. Active play with peers allow children to participate in physical activity which helps develop muscle strength and control. Rough-and-tumble play, or “play that mimics aggression through wrestling, chasing, or hitting, but...

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...d-dominated nature of technology. Personally, I was shocked to read about how much technology is used by toddlers and young children. Obviously there were various forms of technology that were around when I was younger; however, I did not use the Internet until I was nine. While it is a little worrisome to think about how dangerous technology can be for adolescents and young adults, especially when you also consider all of the distractions it offers such as texting, social media, and video-streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix, it is frightening that all of this is available to toddlers and young children as well. It is important that we use technology for all of the great advances it is able to bring to society; however, we should limit accessibility to our children for the most part to allow them to grow and develop into healthy adolescents.

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