Essay on Effects Of Anorexia On The Social Lives Of Those

Essay on Effects Of Anorexia On The Social Lives Of Those

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All mental illnesses are debilitating to the life of those diagnoses with the disorder. It affects people’s social life, self-esteem, and personal distress. Anorexia has a negative effect on the social lives of those diagnosed. Due to the obsessive behaviour of those diagnosed, they become overwhelmed with the thought to work out, to cut their calorie intake, to lose more weight, which causes their social life to suffer. Portia de Rossi, model and actress, suffered from anorexia nervosa by binging, purging and starving herself. To hide her illness she “creat[ed] a character” or image of someone acceptable to society, which “led to [her] being very isolated” (Bowie, 2010). It is hard for people with mental illnesses because these disorders are “very disruptive…to the person struggling…[and]…to friends and family” (“Family life”, 2008). People diagnosed with anorexia become so obsessed and focused on losing weight and becoming slimmer that they forget about the people in their life. Along with affecting their social life, anorexia nervosa has a negative effect self-esteem, due to victims belief that they are “overweight…when they are [actually] starved” or malnourished (“When working out shifts”, n.d.). Their self-esteem suffers due this belief of being heavier than they are. Many who develop this disease are not confident and have body image issues. They are constantly assessing or staring at themselves in the mirror, wanting to be skinnier and lose more weight. Rudine Howards was a long time sufferer of anorexia. She was featured on Oprah from 1989 to her unfortunate death in 1994. Her mental illness had consumed her life and she struggled to stop. During Oprah’s heart prints featuring Rudine, you can she her struggle finding the...

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...dication, or therapies useful to treat their disorder. A lost of trust with friends or family can be a consequence of a formal diagnosis. Specifically, someone in denial can be angry with the family member who brought him or her for diagnosis. This lost of trust can cause the patient to feel isolated and lonely in their struggles. An illustration of this point is an anorexic patient in denial of their disorder. For someone who just developed anorexia and do not t want to face his or her disease can feel angry with those diagnosing them. This anger can push them into proving a point by binge eating and later purging or starving because they do not want to gain that weight. In these cases, a diagnosis can be harmful to the patient, forcing them into denial and anger. A formal diagnosis needs to be respectful of the patient and careful to avoid any negative responses.

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