Effects Of Alcohol On Children 's Life Essay example

Effects Of Alcohol On Children 's Life Essay example

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Alcoholism affects many people around the world in their daily lives. About 5,000 people under the age of 21 die annually from alcohol related injuries. The effects of alcohol in adolescents plays a significant role in their future life. The effects of drinking will vary from person to person but will statistically show their chances of pregnancy, physical complications, along with academic failure, and drug use will be substantially higher than those who don 't participate in underage drinking. The statistics prove many diseases can be caused by drinking and the younger the person is the more prone they are to have these diseases or side effects. The effects can be seen throughout their young lives into their older lives (Consequences_of_Underage_Drinking, 2010).
People who participate in underage drinking before the age of 21 are more likely to be involved in unwanted sexual activity. If a traumatic occurrence, such as rape, takes place, it will have a long lasting effect on whoever is involved. The attacker, if found, will be arrested, and their life will never be the same again. They would not be able to get a job, they would have to register as a sex offender, and basically have to live a life no one would want to live. As for a woman being victim, she could have an unplanned and/or unwanted pregnancy. Even if the woman conceived a child while under the influence of alcohol, with her not being a victim of rape, consequences will still be bad.
Along with the pregnancy being unplanned and unwanted, if the woman who has conceived is an alcoholic, the unborn child can develop a variety of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Fetal alcohol syndrome, which remains a leading cause of mental retardation (qutd. by Call To Action page 1...

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...he fact that alcohol leads to many problems, such as drug use, depression, poor decision making, and other health problems. There are healthy alternatives to treating depression without the use of drugs or other substances, such as alcohol. The consumption of alcohol before the age of 21 is setting ones life up for a future of failure later on in life, which is no way of living. The chances of becoming affected by the effects of underage drinking are inescapable, one will become affected along with effecting the people around them, including family members and friends. The dependence of alcohol in a person’s life affects everyone and this cause their emotional and mental state to deteriorate as well as the person with the alcohol problem. Furthermore, alcohol is not a solution. It is important that people are informed of the effects alcohol can have on an individual.

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