Essay about The Effects And Persistence Of Any Abominable Event

Essay about The Effects And Persistence Of Any Abominable Event

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Chapter I: Statement of the Problem
Background to the Study:
The effects and persistence of any abominable event is rarely ever transient throughout history. Slavery has been pertinent since the height and downfall of the Ancient Roman and Greek empires and systematized in the 1772 BC Babylonian Code of Hammurabi. Moreover, to its worldly persistence, slavery was later instituted in biblical times. It was codified in the second book of the Hebrew Torah and the Christian Bible, Exodus, to explain the situations of Hebrew men and women that were sold to servitude. (Exodus, 21) Exodus as the book is rightfully titled, in its meaning is nothing but ironic to the nature of slavery. It is a withdrawal from freedom to the deposit of the imperialistic hands that await the fruits of free labor, obliged sex and unquestioned control.
Indisputably, the most perpetuated and persistent illustration of slavery in history is tied to the African community. “The first Africans taken to Europe against their will were kidnapped by the Portuguese in the 15th century. They would have been forced to work as domestic servants or on the sugar plantations owned by the Portuguese…” (Port Cities, Bristol) Like the Portuguese, other European nations, nestled throughout the parts of the world that they dominated and dispersed the slaves throughout the world—most notably in American South. A French trader himself, Jean Barbot, as published in The Writings of Jean Barbot on West Africa around 1683, wrote that “The trade of slaves is the business of kings, rich men and prime merchants.” The years that followed would prove that slaves were the most valuable investment for these “kings, rich men, and prime merchants.”
It was not until the groundbreaking leg...

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...vernments do not offer stays of deportation or adequate protection for witnesses,” for this reason, victims of human trafficking abstain from testifying against the traffickers because they fear that the traffickers will be retributive against their families. Unlike, Stephanie Hepburn’s account, Miko goes on to explain other governmental corruptions that take place throughout the world. Miko cites a specific study done by the Global Survival Network, an NGO group, which found that Russian traffickers often bribe corrupt officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia in order to obtain false documentation for the victims who they wish to transport elsewhere for prostitution for as little as $800 (Miko, 3). This corruption is what often leads governments to downplay the prevalence of human trafficking—government officials are fueling the trafficking movement.

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