The Effectiveness of Private School Vouchers Essay

The Effectiveness of Private School Vouchers Essay

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Today, a solid education is what any parent should desire for their child. Without that education there is really no successful future ahead of them. Many parents and teachers have been very supportive of the Common Core Standards, but many are against it and feel that it puts an unnecessary strain on students, parents, and teachers. Several states now offer vouchers that give students the opportunity to attend private schools if the student or parents feel that their education goals are not being met through the public school system. But how beneficial are these vouchers to everyone, including taxpayers? It seems that more research needs to be done to see what the real cost is, if it truly allows children from low income families to attend without a financial burden, and to see if the students transferring from public schools to private schools are becoming more successful in achieving their educational goals.

In 2006 President Bush as well as other GOP members introduced a plan that would allow students attending public schools that were not receiving a quality education the chance to attend private schools as well as religious schools (Bush). Although this may seem like a wonderful opportunity and many may have jumped on board immediately if given the chance, there is one thing in particular that does not sound appropriate with this bill. If this bill allows students to attend religious schools, it seems that it could be an issue of separation of church and state. However, these vouchers are publicly funded which means that taxpayers really have no say in where their tax dollars will be going (10 Reasons Why). In other words, no matter what your religious belief is or even if you have no belief, you have no other choice but ...

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...nally start at home by simply being involved, it would still be nice to know where our tax dollars are going and if those dollars are being spent to better the future of all children rich and poor.

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