Effectiveness Of Female American Managers During Foreign Assignments Essay

Effectiveness Of Female American Managers During Foreign Assignments Essay

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Charles M. Vance and Yongsun Paik conducted a survey about the “effectiveness of female American managers in foreign assignments” (“Where Do American Women face their biggest obstacle”, Vance, Paik 102). The goal of the survey was to figure out if the U.S. selection bias actually corresponded with the thoughts of host countries. Vance and Paik came up with two hypotheses:
“H1: Business managers in the assigned countries would not hold American women to their own countries’ culturally-driven norms and expectations that restrict female involvement in business interactions

H2: American managers at corporate headquarters tend to hold lower expectations about the potential career success” (Vance, Paik, 101)

The survey was given to managers from the U.S., Mexico, and Germany. The questions were based off of identified logic that American managers use to validate their preference for males as candidates for expatriate assignments. The six common rationales used in the survey are shown in the table below:
Figure 1
Common Rationale Statements For Justifying The Selection of American Males Over American Females for Expatriate Assignments

Item 1. Female American executives generally are not as qualified for extended foreign work assignments as are male American executives.

Item 2. Culturally-based role expectations often represent an insurmountable barrier to the acceptance by foreign businessmen of female American executives working in their country.

Item 3. Because international business tends to be dominated by males, male American executives are generally more appropriate for being selected for extended foreign assignments.

Item 4. Female American executives generally have more difficulty adjusting to cultural differences in ...

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...they have. Throughout the years the female status evolved greatly but the business world still needs progression.
In modern civilization females have drifted away from their social identity and are more focused on their careers then ever before. There still remains a large majority focused on family life, but that shouldn’t enable the whole population. This theory was proved a myth by Adler’s famous studies; she found that there are “no differences in willingness to relocate between male and female MBA students” (Janssens, Cappellen, and Zanoni, 134). Since women are just as likely to relocate the “female indentify” theory can’t have a profound impact. The act of socialization has placed women in a category they don’t belong. It is apparent women have been forcefully classified as assets for family development and not assets for the international business world.

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