Essay about The Effect Of Wind Power On Wind Energy

Essay about The Effect Of Wind Power On Wind Energy

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The focus on wind energy will become the end of the world’s economy, electricity, and survivability if we continue to only focus on this source of power. Governments should decrease production of wind energy alone, and instead formulate a plan that consists of all “green” energy sources, which in turn will provide maximum power outage.
There are many problems with wind turbines, two of which are major drawbacks. Wind turbines become inefficient when the wind is not blowing (National Geographic). Without the wind, electricity is not generated by the turbines. This causes problems for both the economy and electrical grid: the economy loses money and the grid loses electricity trying to replace what the turbines did not generate. Another major drawback is that turbines are only able to produce electricity at thirty-percent of their max capacity; seventy percent, the rest of the electricity that is or could have been generated, is wasted or dispersed into nothingness (Love to Know). Four turbines will be required to be built in tangent to produce electricity at one-hundred percent. Because one turbine averages to about one million dollars, that would be four million dollars needed to max out the power of these turbines. Also, a wind turbine’s effectiveness depends on its location (Conserve Energy Future). It requires open land and high altitudes to gather the strongest, less turbulent winds, which allows the output of more energy. Previously, in order to find these large, open lands, wind corporations would flatten long, stretching forests to make the room needed. Not only do wind turbines have problems, the wind itself becomes a difficult force to possess.
The energy from the wind that is captured by the turbines have pr...

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...quid biofuels, biochemicals, and bioplastics (Viaspace). Biomass is extremely versatile, cost-effective and, practical; however, we all must not focus on one particular energy source. The focus must be spent on exploring every single possibility of our variety of energy sources. Again, this will ensure our survivability.
Persistent use of wind energy will complicate our energy system. Electricity will not be consistently meet, and it will become expensive for consumers. The enduring of all “green” type energy sources will be the prevention of the complications that wind energy will hold. Together, solar, hydro, bio, and wind energy sources will provide the best outcome of electricity because each one of these will need their own locations and conditions to produce power, which will maximize our resources and prevent any failures of generation of electricity.

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