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Education : A Whole New Perspective Essay examples

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Education: A Whole New Perspective
“It’s Harder Now to Change Student’s Lives, but No Less Important” isn’t just an average writing piece, it is a writing piece that truly catches the eye; Stephen R. Herr does this by not only portraying a strong, academic message throughout his words, he also eloquently places his words in such a way which significantly affects the piece as a whole. However, this was all not luck of the draw; Herr knew what he was doing from the beginning by knowing certain writing techniques such as focusing on a specific audience, knowing his own position, using rhetorical moves, and much more.
Herr is aware that before he can first begin anywhere, he must first focus on his audience and how he can sculpt his work to appeal to his readers. However, who exactly is Herr’s audience? Well, with every paragraph there is at least one relation to an academic setting, more specifically, a college setting. “I mention that class because it reminds me of a student I myself once had.” (Herr 5), is one of the many examples included in the piece and this specific example sets up the majority of his paper. That example shows a personal experience which undoubtedly is always significant since you can recall the most detailed and intriguing memories from personal experience. “When I was an undergraduate at Antioch College in the early ‘80s, I took a course in philosophical anthropology.” (Herr 1), Straight off the bat, is another example, the very first sentence of the piece to be exact, is a personal experience which furthers my point on what i explained earlier of the message being established to the audience. In today’s society, there are mainly two groups of people in an academic college setting, the professors and the s...

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...ience. If you were to choose Freire over Herr, The student and the teacher would be both in a mutual atmosphere while becoming successful. The student would be able to move on in the world knowing the he/she is not the only one being mentally aided through their college academics.
Both authors definitely attain a form of philosophical knowledge; They have figured out the ways of education from the ground up. Stephen R. Herr and his personal experience with education and Paolo Freire and his problem posing education theory most definitely show great signs of success with their similarities if they were utilized in a college setting. It is difficult to exactly pin-point which theory is better than the other, however, it is safe to say both are betting than what is occurring now in society. Something must be done and either of these theories are a good place to start.

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