Edmond Dantes Reborn As The Count Of Monte Cristo

Edmond Dantes Reborn As The Count Of Monte Cristo

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Edmond Dantes: Reborn as the Count of Monte Cristo

Everyday people seem change themselves in one way or another, but sometimes people change their appearance and personality to the point where those who were close to them, can not even recognize them in a crowd. The Count of Monte Cristo, by Alexandre Dumas, is a story of a sailor, Edmond Dantes, who was betrayed during his prime time of his life by the jealousy of his friends. Dantes is sent to prison where he spends countless years planning an escape with the help of a fellow prisoner. The prisoner informs Dantes that he knows where a treasure is that one man can not even dream about. Dantes friend then happens to die, leaving Dantes with the information of where the treasure is. After escaping, and cheating death, Dantes strikes it rich when he discovers the treasure of which his friend talked about. From here on, the Count of Monte Cristo is born, and he sets off to seek revenge at those who put him in prison. Many people believe that Edmond abandoned his former self and tried to became the Count of Monte Cristo however, there are still some traces of Edmond Dantes locked up inside the Count.
Edmond Dantes easily changed his name to the Count of Monte Cristo, but at times he also changed his personality for this new title. As soon as Edmond Dantes was reborn as the Count of Monte Cristo, he gained his wealth and power and soon invested some money into servants to pamper him from head to foot everyday. One day while Albert de Morcerf is over, he remarks to the Count, “what I admire is your way of being served without a question... [ it is ] as though your servants guessed what you desired by your manner of sounding the gong, and as though everything were ready and waiting upon your desire“ (Dumas, 426). This shows that, the Count is a new and completely different person since when he was old Edmond Dantes he had no servants to pamper him every waking moment of his life because, he was also, one of lower class. Also, when Maxamillian Morrel comes to the Count in help for ill-fated Valentine, the Count rather tries to ignore the subject rather than help, like old Edmond would do. Once hearing that Valentine had been poison, the Count states, “What is it to me?

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” (Dumas, 517). This shows that the Count is a new person indeed, since if it was Edmond Dantes, he would have sprung up and run over to Valentine to help her since he had acquired a knowledge of medicines to help poisoned people. If Edmond Dantes was still living up to his birth name, he would not have acted and said these things, unless he really changed who he originally was.
Even though, the Count tried to become a new person both physically and mentally, the old Edmond Dantes still interfered with his actions. When Morrel comes to the Count and tells him about Valentines poison, the Count thinks nothing of it, but as soon as Morrel told the Count that he loves Valentine, old Edmond Dantes shines through. When Valentine and the Count converse in chapter sixty-one, the Count remarks, “I have not closed my eyes for an instant during the last four nights; for the last four nights I have been watching over you to protect and preserve you for our friend Maximilian” (Dumas, 526). This shows that the Count did not really care for Valentine, but as soon as a loyal family friend as the Morrel’s asked for his help, Edmond Dantes stepped up and would do anything to lend a helping hand. Also, after the Count and Mercedes talk with each other, and Mercedes convinces Edmond not to kill her son, the Count starts to reflect and think if he has wasted his time by being this new person called the Count of Monte Cristo. Once Mercedes leaves, the Count remarks, “Fool that I am, that I did not tear out my heart the day I resolved to revenge mysel” (Dumas, 496). Edmonds thoughts start to run in his head about wether or not it was a good idea to seek revenge and if he has wasted so many years for nothing. This goes to show that he was so caught up with revenge, that he never thought of any other life besides getting back at those who put him in prison. There has been only a couple of times when old Edmond interfers with the Count and when it does happen, dramatic results have occured.
The Count of Monte Cristo may have changed his name and appearance but, there still is Edmond Dantes inside him. When the Count arrives in Paris, he visits the Morrels new residence upon Maximillians request. Once inside, he talks with the family about a purse found in their house, which he formerly gave to them disguised as Sinbad the Sailor. When talking about M. Morrels last words about the purse, the Count finds out that M. Morrel said that it was Edmond Dantes who gave them the purse. “At these words, the Count, who had been gradually changing colour, became alarmingly pale. The blood rushed from his head and he could not speak for a few seconds” (Dumas, 291-292). This shows that there is still some Edmond Dantes inside him because he became very flattered and had to leave the house before his emotions started to run wild. Also, when the Count of Monte Cristo talks about fighting, and killing Albert, Mercedes comes to talk with the Count and beg him not to kill her son. This is the first time that both Mercedes and Edmond address each other by their birth names, since Edmond was sent off to prison. Once Mercedes convinces Edmond not to kill her son, “ [She] uttered a cry which forced two tears into Monte Cristo’s eyes..” ( Dumas, 494). This shows that inside the Count, there still is Edmond Dantes, one who will always care and love Mercedes, and will obey her orders. Even though, Edmond changed his name, he really did not change the person who he is on the inside.
Many people believed that Edmond Dantes completely changed who he was, to try to become another person, there was still some traces of the old Edmond inside of him. This book has been a very exciting and thrilling book to read, and one can not wait to see how the rest of the Counts revenge, folds out. One will have to wait and read to find out if in the end, the man does become Edmond again or stays as the Count.
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