The Economics of Wind Power Essay

The Economics of Wind Power Essay

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The dependence on power for society has been increasing for centuries. There is a need by society to utilize the power it generates for consumptive purposes. The amount of power and the type of power that is generated has been found to have conflicting effects on the environment. The environment is one of the biggest concerns that interest people when it comes to the kind of power that is produced. Environmental activist play important roles in helping to monitor and strives to support regulations by the government on power sources. These environment supporters see the long term effect of government policy on their communities. Furthermore, due to environmental concerns the government implemented the 1990 Clean Air Act which strives enforce rules and regulations on the industry. Recently, current issues such as long-term power supply, power sustainable and longevity lead people to begin to think of new ways to address these issues. Thus, the rise of renewable energy (power) triggered research and the possibility of renewable changing the dynamics of the world’s power situation. A closer synopsis of world power concerns leads economist to develop a cost benefit analysis associated with current power methods versus future renewable methods. For the purpose of this dissertation, the economic effect of wind power in Europe on the world is presented by considering the question of what economic effects positive or negative does wind power in Europe have on the world, while using significant factors to determine the affects of wind power.
Wind power is the conversion wind energy into a useful form of energy, such as using wind turbines to make electricity, windmills for mechanical power, wind pumps for water pumping or drainage, or s...

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...d be addressed by alterations to the currents methods and procedures. Finally, the future for wind power is to continue to research, develop and apply best practices.

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