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Easter Sunday Tradition Essay

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One of the traditions of my family growing up was what happened on Easter Sunday morning. On Easter Sunday morning we’d get up early before church and go searching for easter eggs. Sometimes though, I think we feel the same way about finding the will of God in our lives. Except that the search for the will of God isn’t nearly as fun as searching for easter eggs. It’s frustrating to search for something that sometimes seems impossible to find. Most of us, around the age of high school or Jr. High, we were told we needed to start searching for God’s will in earnest. Because God’s will should determine all these decisions you have to make, like what career path’s you’d take or who we would marry or where we would live. And we’re told that God’s will for us is great, and it’s fulfilling, and it’s satisfying so we gotta find it! We gotta find it, we gotta search for it, we gotta figure it out, and then once we find it we gotta stay in it.

We’ve all heard cliches like, “God has a wonderful plan for your life,” “the safest place to be is in the center of God’s will,” “don’t do your will, do God’s will,” or if someone asks if you’re gonna have something like a job or children in the future and the response is “if God wills.” Have you heard those before? We hear of God’s will for our lives and it sounds so nice like a basket of easter eggs. We believe God has made this specific plan for our lives out of love for us. So we look forward to the day that we discover this plan design especially for us. But then we start trying to find it and it doesn’t seem easy at all. We think overtop God’s will is hidden from us. It seems mysterious or elusive, so we pray, asking God to reveal it to us. And we listen for God, we wait for Him to speak. We w...

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...me a missionary in some remote part of Africa. Or you might have to do something else that you find too difficult or demanding or boring or unpleasant. Or maybe, you’re afraid that you won’t get to live out your dreams. You’re happy living life the way you want to live it and you don’t want God to disrupt that. Completely different problem, but I believe that has the same root as the previous problem. And that root is confusion and frustration about the will of God. That’s the root, you don’t actually understand what God desires of you so the idea scares you.

Whatever side of the fence you’re on I’m gonna give you all some good news today, freeing news. But what I’m about to tell you is so unsettling to the unregenerate soul that you will get MAD. God’s will IS good, it IS perfect, it’s satisfying, and we can KNOW the will of God. BUT it may be very different from

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