Essay about Eassy : Mind Controlled Prosthetic Limbs

Essay about Eassy : Mind Controlled Prosthetic Limbs

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Mind Controlled Prosthetic Limbs
Imagine being disabled because you were in an accident and had to have a limb amputated. Your life would change drastically because you would be missing an arm or a leg that you had all your life. You would have to change your way of life because you wouldn’t be able to do the activities you did because they would because much more difficult. You would have to settle for a prosthetic limb that is made out of some dense metal that doesn’t move easily and that won’t break easily but it will make you stand out.
Within the next 50 years, there will be technical advances that allows you to control prosthetic limbs. It would feel like you never lost an arm before because “the prosthetic connects to your skeleton for stability and your muscles that were once used to move the limb, it is all possible by neuromuscular electrodes” (Prigg 1). There are limitations when it comes to the prosthetic limbs because you cannot restore sensations that you would normally feel in your normal hand because the prosthetic doesn’t have nerves to detect them. The arm or leg would not be able to tell the difference in textures but they can recognize difference amounts of pressure like a kick or running water over the limb.
There are different versions of the prosthetics that can be built depending on the users preferences and what the user needs out of the limb. “The standard prosthetic can curl up to 45 pounds and utilizes 26 joints to be able to move naturally” (New York Times 1). These are still the early models of the limbs that are quiet expensive but if someone could afford it, it would change their life all over again. “Mr. McLoughlin also said the cost of the arm needed to be about a tenth of its current price t...

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...with precision because muscles wouldn’t be able to shake because they were replaced with mind controlled prosthetics.
You must ask yourself what are the limitations of this technology? How long do the sensors last or will I ever need to replace any parts and will require surgery? Will anything disrupt the signals from reaching the prosthetic limbs? There will only be improvement on this type of technology that could really benefit the disabled.
There really is no downfall to mind controlled prosthetics, they bring nothing but positive results to people in need of them. One minor downfall would be the price but companies are already working to make it more affordable for every family. The prosthetics market will drastically change if this invention becomes available to everyone because it is the next level to improving the human body and taking it to the next level.

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