Essay on Dyslexia Is Not An Easy Disorder

Essay on Dyslexia Is Not An Easy Disorder

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Imagine looking at a word and not knowing what it says, what the markings on the page are and what sounds are associated with those markings, even though they are sure they should know what it says. This is exactly what a person with dyslexia feels when they look at letters and words on a page. Dyslexia, a learning disorder associated with reading, is something many children and adults struggle with everyday. It has no cure and those diagnosed with dyslexia are born with it. Persons with dyslexia find that it can be frustrating and cause simple everyday tasks that require reading can be excruciating to complete. Dyslexia is not an easy disorder to live with or to diagnose. Often, a child with dyslexia, is looked at as not trying hard enough or is even considered by some to be stupid, but this is not true. Dyslexia is not an indication of intelligence or a lack of intelligence. It is simply a processing issue in the brain. Scientists have found that it is a malfunction in the reading and comprehending processes of the brain. Through their research, scientists have been able to discover useful information for parents and teachers to help deal with this impairment. Living with dyslexia is difficult and to fully understand persons with it and how their brain functions with dyslexia, scientists have studied and learned from dyslexic patients how it affects the brain; why the brain comprehends words in the manner it does, and how it can be combated in the home and in the classroom.
Dyslexia is a condition in the brain that affects about one out of every ten people in the United States (Dyslexia Facts and Statistics). Dyslexia makes reading and comprehending words, letters, and sentences difficult for those with the impairment. Every...

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... dyslexics have an extreme case where both the Angular Gyrus and the Inferior Frontal Gyrus both do not work properly causing complete lack in reading ability. Not that he/she is dumb, but they just can not understand reading materials and because of this, they are often pinned with other types of disorders such as attention-deficit/hyperactive disorder (ADHD). They cannot understand what they are reading so they want to forget about it and do something else. Other things are dysgraphia which is hand-eye coordination (wikipedia). Students with these impairment tend to have a trouble focusing in class just because there is so much that a teacher says or writes that it becomes overwhelming and they just want to give up. And when a teacher calls on that student to read it becomes an instant feeling of judging and lack of support by the rest of the students in the class.

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